June Recital Info!

Picture Day: Monday, June 12th at Borne2Dance
Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 23rd at Cutting Hall
Recitals: Saturday, June 24th at 6pm and Sunday, June 25th at 2pm @ Cutting Hall
Tickets: $15/each *students participating in recital do not have to purchase a Tickets

Other info:

All our recital information with picture day time slots, rehearsal times, specifics on what to wear, etc... will be included in our Recital Packets which will be posted on our website by the first week in May. In the past we've handed them out to each student, but - being in the digital age - we're thinking it may be easier to have everything accessible online on our brand new website! There will be paper copies of DVD/T-shirt order forms and Summer & Fall registration forms in our lobby.

During the recitals, the students stay backstage and upstairs with a handful of my Backstage volunteers for the duration of the show. If your child is in two numbers, usually one number is in the first act, and the 2nd number is in the second act. We do have a 15 minute intermission where you can check on your little ones in-between. There is a finale at the end of the show, where all students will come out and take a bow. We are approximating the show to be at 2 hrs and 45 minutes in total, although that's not set in stone yet. We fit a lot in our show, but I promise it goes quickly...! Children are welcome to bring snacks, coloring books, tablets, etc.. -- anything to help pass the time and keep them busy!